Keep Olympus TG-5?

I have been shrinking my cameras down in number and approaching an all Fujifilm set of cameras.  I have been doing this to achieve one familiar set of controls, one style of sensor to facilitate processing, one set of lenses, same batteries for all of them, and to achieve a consistent certain level of image quality.  The only question left is whether to keep and use the Olympus TG-5 pocket camera.

The other morning, I walked down to get a haircut and I slipped the TG-5 in my pocket to see if it had any remaining value to me.  These flowers were sitting in a vase on the counter, so I decided to see what I could do with photographing them.  I slipped the camera into macro mode and made the above.

One comment

  1. Adrian Lewis

    Hello John – I’m biased here, as I use the TG-5 almost exclusively for my Outer Suburbs project and find it, if not perfect, then certainly extremely handy – I think your words “I slipped the TG-5 in my pocket” say it all. Mine sits out of sight in my pocket, and that’s very handy in places where others might take too much liking for your camera. I shoot raw exclusively, develop in Lightroom, and find the quality very good. Adrian 🙂