My Preferred Style


Most of my images on this blog are the result of three things.  One, I try to show views from around Homewood that others didn’t see because they were not out where, or when, I was, or don’t see the way I do.  The second reason is that I use images I make to have fun with processing while trying to find a look, or style that I like.  Mostly I have been trying different things and experimenting.  The third reason is that I have generated the images while trying different cameras and lenses.  This third reason has pretty much ground to an end since I have slowed down my acquisitions of different manufacturers gear.  I’m very close to only using Fujifilm gear.

Now, I’m starting to feel like I have reached a resolution to the second reason.  I have finally gotten to the point where I have found a style that is easy and consistent to make that I like.  The above images are the color version made with my best camera.  Another reason I like it is that it works equally fast and well in monochrome with one less click for those times when I think monochrome works better than color.  It even works with older color jpeg images made with my smallest least expensive pocket TG-5 camera and reprocessed as shown below.  They just aren’t as good as those made with my Fujifilm gear.

I still have some unanswered questions relative to when and where I will use these settings.  I hope to use them on this blog most of the time, but I will still use different settings when the subject warrants it.  My latest style is a solid baseline that can be easily tweaked in various ways.

The big unknown is whether or not I will use this baseline style for my “other photography” for Homewood and other customers.  This style is different from a straight forward documentation of how the scene looked, but I might try it on others to see if “my look” also works for them.  I would like to use these styles since they would tend to simplify my processing and standardize my images.