Night Photography with Fujifilm Cameras

Last night I checked out a few things about night photography.  I had two reasons for doing this.  I will be photographing holiday lighting around Homewood at Plum Creek at night in December and I’m also thinking about a photography project around Hanover at night.

From a photography perspective, I have been concerned about a number of things that I checked last night.  The first was lens focal length and aperture.  Last night I used the 27mm pancake lens at F2.8 aperture.  The other things I was concerned about were ISO values, i.e. noise factors, and shutter speed.  Many of my images from last night were taken at ISO 12800.  That ISO doesn’t concern me, but even with that high ISO some of the shutter speeds were too low without image stabilization and the images weren’t useable.

As a result of the checks, I will be planning on using the 18-55mm stabilized zoom lens and sometimes the faster 23mm prime lens at F2.0 aperture.  Another alternative would mean buying the Fujifilm X-H1 camera which has image stabilization (IS).  I don’t often need IS, but there are times when I wish I had it since tripods are not practical for what and how I photograph.  Another concern I have is weather resistant gear since it could easily be raining or snowing when I want to make pictures.  In that case, the X-H1 with a weather resistant prime lens would be needed for real slow shutter speeds.