It’s the Lens


Early in the morning when it wasn’t very light, I took the X-E3 with the 27mm lens with me when I walked Misty.  I then used it to make some pictures of the first light on the clouds on the horizon.  The problem was the pictures weren’t so nice since I had screwed up the camera.  It was dark enough that I needed to adjust the exposure, so I turned the wheel to the “C” setting and used the front control dial to turn it down.  The problem is that I forgot that with this lens I also use that dial to change the aperture and while I assumed that the camera was still in program mode, it wasn’t since I had changed into aperture mode while attempting to change the exposure (I didn’t push the control dial in).  As a result, the aperture setting was wrong and that caused the camera to attempt to compensate by setting the ISO at 12800.  I should have noticed the values being used but I didn’t look since I was mainly watching Misty and I had just taken a few quick pictures.

I had planned to use the X-E3 plus the 27mm lens for a walk-about setup for quick opportunistic pictures.  I am now rethinking that decision.  The lens is fine optically, but it is different from all of my other prime lenses in that it doesn’t have the aperture ring on the lens.

If I use the X-E3 but a different lens like the 23mm F2 or the 35mm F2, I lose the short form factor that I like, especially in the winter when I need to carry the camera on a strap around my neck under my jacket, or in a jacket pocket.  Rather than use the 23mm or 35mm lens on the X-E3 I would be better off using those WR lenses on the WR X-T2 camera but given that it would weigh more and be bigger, I think I will revisit my decision to not buy anything new and go ahead and get a pocket camera.  If I did that, I could still use the X-E3 to back up the X-T2 and for when I need two cameras for event photography.