Use the X100F for Macro?

I mentioned that I’m thinking seriously about replacing the TG-5 with the X100F, and that is not a conventional thought.  Most people use the TG-5 at the beach or around the pool or during adventurous outdoor activities because of its extreme weather protection.  I have used the TG-5 primarily because of its pocket-ability and macro capabilities and the X100F isn’t normally considered for those uses, but some of the reasons I got the X100F were because of its smallish size and up-close focusing abilities.  I’m thinking of making good use of its resolution and up-close focusing along with crop-zooming to make close-to-macro images, even if I have to increase the size of the image, which I didn’t have to do for these pictures of water drops on pine branches.  The TG-5 has greater depth of field but using an aperture of F5.6 like I did for these images made with the X100F should be suitable.