Keeping Busy


This has been an active holiday season here at Homewood at Plum Creek and it isn’t over yet.  In the last few days I have delivered around 1200 pictures to Homewood and that was after I had edited them down from many more.  I took all of the pictures as raw files using all three of my Fujifilm cameras, edited them down from several thousand images, processed them, printed a few, and delivered the final digital files to multiple people on the staff … and I didn’t even photograph all of the events that have happened so far.

I still have more things to photograph including the external lighting of the campus.  I understand that they added an additional 8000 lights this year so, since I will be photographing them at night in cold weather, I expect it will take me many evenings to capture them.

The above is a picture of Bryan Herber who really had the Chapel rocking with lively seasonal music.  That is one of my side benefits … getting to hear a little of the music as well as seeing many of our residents and families enjoying the events.

I have already started thinking about next year and what I might do differently in the way of simplifying and changing my processes.  I could make straight out of camera jpegs if the lighting didn’t change so much but the changes in WB rule that out if I continue to roam around making documentary images that I prefer.  The only way I know how to make that work would be to make ACROS monochrome images.

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