Photographing at Night

I started with photographing the seasonal external lighting at Homewood at Plum Creek last night.  Last night was mostly a trail run to test my settings, etc.  I used the 18-55mm zoom lens since it has image stabilization, but it is slower than my prime lenses, and the majority of my ISO settings were at 12800.  That ISO was OK after I applied some noise reduction to the raw files, but I haven’t decided about continuing with the zoom lens.

It turned out that my biggest issue was using the zoom lens while using a cane in the dark.  My balance isn’t too good in the dark and stepping on and off the curbs, walking in the grass, etc. was an issue for me so I might try a prime lens or two the next time.  I might also exchange the cane for a monopod if I have to go with no image stabilization.

There were also several cars going by when I was walking along the streets and I was wearing dark clothing.  I’m not sure what to do about that, but I wouldn’t want to get hit by a car or fall in the road.  One alternative might be to use my image stabilized zoom lenses and try to photograph from within the car.  That wouldn’t be ideal but might be the best compromise.