Looking Back Through 2018


I have been looking back through the pictures I made in 2018 that ended up in my miscellaneous folder.  That folder holds all of my images that I made for myself; i.e. not the images I made of Homewood activities.  I have been looking through my images in order to determine what I liked best and looking to see what cameras and lenses I used to make them.

The conclusions that I have reached are that I used a lot of different cameras and lenses and that the images are pretty much independent from the cameras.  The majority of the images were made with the smaller camera/lens combinations and that is because they are the ones I’m most likely to have with me.  Probably the most surprising is how well I liked the images made with the Olympus TG-5.  I have been thinking about not using the TG-5 camera and only using my Fujifilm gear, but I am going to change my mind and continue to use the TG-5, but maybe not as much.

The most fun I had was in processing all of the images using the Adobe LR Classic software.  I use it for all of my photography and plan to continue using it.  Another thing that I had fun with was taking some low quality 4×6 prints I had from a trip made in 2001 and using a scanner and LR to enhance the images well enough to use to make a book of our 2001 trip to Machu Picchu.  I would like to make more books with my pictures.  That exercise taught me that using the best camera isn’t always necessary.

The one disappointing thing is that my personal images only constitute about 1/3 of the total pictures I made, and they were all made here on campus!  Photographing the same things at the same place for over 7 years is starting to slowly drain the fun out of my photography.