Night & Day


Don’t look to closely, or you will see the noise in the above image.  I made images last night while walking around the campus with my Fujifilm X-T2.  My fingers about froze even with gloves.  But that wasn’t the only issue.  Most of the pictures like above were made at ISO 12800, f/3.6 or f/4, and at shutter speeds around 1/25 sec.  I used my 18-55mm zoom lens because of the desired focal lengths and image stabilization.

During the day I spend my time processing images and dreaming about a faster camera-lens combination.  Ideally it would be a small image-stabilized camera with a lens that I could use with one hand while walking with a cane in the dark.  I would like such a camera if the resolution was sufficient enough to allow for zoom-cropping with a wide lens.