Photography Changes Needed


Misty was sick last night and wasn’t so anxious to get up this morning, nor was I.

I’m in the midst of trying to decide what and how I’m going to photograph in the coming year.  Somethings need to be changed relative to my Homewood photography since the ratio of the number of pictures I take is way out of line with the output uses.  I also need to know their schedule requirements long enough in advance to balance out the time between taking pictures and processing them for delivery.   I would also like to better understand the uses for my pictures before I make them so that I can reduce the number I make at each event, know the compositions desired, and know the final type of their display; i.e., digital or printed and the sizes.  If I know these things, I can save myself some work, reduce my computer storage needs, and save the staff from having to store so many pictures on their server and also spending time curating.

I also think we need a policy relative to displaying pictures made on campus.  Last night I discovered some of the pictures I made for Homewood on a private Facebook account, and they were the type of scenes that I have been led to believe were not appropriate for my personal blog; i.e., we all need to be operating with the same rules.  Having a better understanding of the needs relative to my photography will also help me with my efficiency now that I sometimes am delivering pictures to up to five different staff members for display on everything from social media to in-house TV to printed matter from local to corporate staffs.

After I better understand the needs from Homewood, I will move on to deciding what changes I will make with respect to my personal photography for my website.