All I Want


All I want for the coming year is to make images; but I would like to find some different things to photograph.  To do that I need to physically be there to make pictures and that means I would have to go somewhere different.

Most of my pictures in the last few years on my website were taken close to my Villa, and in addition, made while I was playing with different cameras and lenses or processing styles.  If I stick with my Fujifilm cameras I will not be playing with different gear and that eliminates a lot of my photography; but there is a possible exception.

With the seasonal increase in my photography, my thumbs have been hurting quite a bit.  I was first diagnosed with arthritis in my thumb joints around 15 years ago and it gets worse with use of my thumbs.  Since this situation isn’t going to get better, I might devote some more time to finding the best way to continue my photography with the least impact on my thumb joints.  I know that a lighter camera-lens combination with a good hand grip is best; but there aren’t many cameras that are ideal from this perspective.

I haven’t decided yet, but I might continue to use my Fujifilm gear for my Homewood photography and experiment with other gear for my personal walkabout photography.  I think that is doable since I usually don’t have to walk much when photographing events so I can then use both hands when I take pictures with my Fujifilm cameras.  I can also decrease the number of pictures than I take when it gets to be too much for my thumbs.

Since I am not aware of another camera that is ideal for my hands, I might experiment with smartphone photography, or try a lesser camera again like the Canon SL2 with a prime lens, or try and find a more suitable way of using my Fujifilm cameras, or just use my TG-5 camera for my walk-about photography.

Regardless of how I take pictures, I need to find new material to photograph elsewhere, or continue to photograph the same things over and over, or else stop publishing on my website because of a lack of images.  My main emphasis needs to be on finding additional ways and things to photograph.  If I’m not successful I’m not sure of what I’ll do.