Lonely Bird


The sky was orange in the east this morning and since I have been thinking about alternatives for enabling my photography of more things, I put the XF 55 – 200mm lens on the X-T2 and made a picture of the horizon.  It wasn’t until I had the picture on my computer and cropped into the center section that I noticed this bird.

My conclusion is that I may need to continue using this lens and making photographs of distant details.  I have no desire to carry the lens far, but I need to do everything possible to continue making a variety of images and using a longer lens is one way to do this.  My problem is that using this camera and lens is counter to what I most like to use.  I prefer to just use my X100F camera, but my subject matter for images using it to make images for my website is limited.  If I am going to continue with long focal lengths, the next issue is, what could I do with an XF 100 – 400mm lens?  Could I carry and hold it?  It weighs about three pounds and is not cheap.

I’ll think about my situation a little longer.  At the moment I am conflicted about two alternatives.  One, use a wide variety of lenses and try to photograph a wider variety of things, scenes, etc.  Two, challenge myself to just use the X100F with the effective 35mm focal length and see what I can find image wise.  Which one would be more fun and give me more images to show and write about?