Hood for the Fujifilm X100F Camera


I use my Fuji X100F camera as my carry with me camera most of the time.  As such I tend to sling it around a lot, toss it into small bags with no padding, and try not to worry about damaging it.  Since I don’t like to keep putting the lens cap on or taking it off and storing it while I take a picture, I don’t use the lens cap that came with the camera very often.  I therefore wanted to keep a hood on the camera all of the time to help protect the lens, but the Fujifilm hood sticks out further than I like.  I then looked around for other ways to protect the front of the lens.

I first looked at a clear filter but that meant that it would be getting scratched, easily broke, etc.  I then looked for other hoods and found one that I really like, and it is a lot less expensive than the Fujifilm hood.  The hood I bought is the Haoge LH-X49B 2in1 All Metal Ultra-thin Lens Hood with Adapter Ring Set.  As an added bonus, the original Fujifilm lens cap fits on the hood if I want to use it.

I found that this metal hood does an excellent job of protecting the X100F camera lens and doesn’t protrude far, thus making it easy to carry the camera around without ever needing to remove the hood or use a lens cap.