Small Pocket Cameras

Sometimes I’m out driving to and from a doctor’s office, etc. and I get an idea for some pictures when I only have my TG-5 camera with me.  Such was the case on a darkish morning when I made the above images from within my car while moving.  After I loaded them on my computer, I dropped the exposure and played with them until I made these.  The biggest problem I have with the TG-5 when using it this way is that I have no direct control over the shutter speed and usually the shutter speed is too slow for the speed that I’m moving.

I am not thrilled with what I made but it did get me interested in trying some other things if I can find a small camera that has better image quality, is more malleable in processing, has more resolution for cropping, etc. but is still small enough to carry in a jacket pocket and replace my TG-5 camera.

My hope is to do more photography on the streets around Hanover with a small pocket camera that can be used whenever I’m out.  At the same time, I would like to work on different ways of displaying what I see, maybe make some more photo books, and explore the merits and capabilities of small cameras.

I am going to try the Canon G7X II camera next and if that doesn’t do well enough, I’ll continue my search for another camera knowing that my fallback position will be to use the Fujifilm X100F even though it isn’t very pocketable and only has a prime lens with an effective focal length of 35mm.