Rain Again

Every photographer knows that the chances of rain go up every time you want to test a new camera.  I’m trying a Canon G7X II this morning and it has been raining.  I made these images through my window with the Canon, but I take a lot of test pictures this way, so it is still a good check for my cameras.

So far it is looking good for the chances that it will be my new pocket walkabout camera.  I have already compared raw files against in-camera jpegs.  I test them by seeing how hard it is to adjust the raw files to match the jpegs and by also pushing the sliders in LR Classic to the limits on both to see the differences in being able to make adjustments.  I have decided to just use jpegs.

The above are crops from the original jpegs and the first picture has been upsized to achieve this displayed size.  As I noted, I made these through a double pane window, so it isn’t the way to expect the best.  I’ll be making more tests and letting you know my thoughts after I take it out for a walk.