More Tests with Canon G7X II


It was still wet and dreary outside, but I was anxious to see how the Canon files held up to some of my normal processing that I use for flowers.  Since we don’t have flowers this time of the year, I made this image of a rose leaf from an in-camera jpeg.  To make this I had to crop  and then increase the size to make this.  So far, I’m quite pleased with the Canon sensor and lens output after a little help from LR Classic.  It doesn’t get as close as the TG-5 for extreme macro images but with more megapixels and the better lens I can crop more with the Canon.

For those who wonder, the “P” mode chose ISO 125, f/4, and 1/80 sec. but I had the exposure dialed to -1.3 at a focal length of 9.78mm in macro mode.  I then processed the jpeg in LR to increase the contrast and clarity and pulled the blacks down.  The out-of-camera jpeg was as shown below before I worked on it.


Later the sun finally came out, but it was windy when I took the camera out to see how the camera’s images looked in the distance.  The following are out of the camera jpegs that were loaded into LR for evaluation, but I made no changes to them.  The first image below was around the widest focal length.  The next below was zoomed in.  The third image is a crop of the second that has also been upsized to 2100 pixels wide from 1695 pixels.  I don’t see any problems with this 4.2x zoom lens under these conditions.  It is way superior to the small sensor and lens of the Olympus TG-5 camera.  I like the resolution of this one-inch sensor and lens.