A New Dawn Arises

I like the Canon G7X II, but I prefer my three Fujifilm cameras.  I am selling the Olympus TG-5 since it doesn’t compete against the others except for being the smallest waterproof camera and I really have little to no need for that.  I also rejected upgrading my iPhone since I don’t like the ergonomics for photography.  I show an image of the iPhone 6, G7X II, TG-5, and the X100F below so you can see the differences in size.  The G7X II is to replace my Olympus TG-5 and Leica D-Lux 6 (sold earlier), as well as an older TG-4 that was still in my camera drawer.  I hope I will not have to use it much since it is more like an insurance camera in case I don’t have a Fuji with me or in case my hands get worse.


I plan to use the Fujifilm cameras (I have the X-T2 and the X-E3 in addition to the X100F) from a purest and quality and enjoyment perspective.  So far, I am finding that the G7X II is a better camera than I expected, but I like the controls and the image quality of the Fujifilm system better.  The Fuji images have more character and are more fun to process from raw files, so for now, the Canon G7X II will be in the drawer in reserve.