Out of Focus


I have dry eyes which are just another downside of growing older.  To combat my dry eye problem, I am using prescription eye drops several times a day.  As a photographer, this creates problems for me.  The particular drops I use give me blurred vision for a while afterwards, so I try to not use my cameras during that period, but if I’m not taking pictures, I’m usually on my computer trying to catch up with the photographical news, looking at other’s pictures, processing pictures, etc.  The problem is  I’m continually blinking and squinting my eyes trying to see the screen better when I use the eyedrops.

I was looking at another photographer’s pictures that had been deliberately made out of focus when I thought: I would be making a lot of those if not for the camera’s automatic focusing capability.  I then thought I would take a picture out of focus so as to match how I sometimes see the world and that led to the above image.  Thinking that technique could be of use some days I then made the following images using the manual focus distance to turn some common scenes into abstract images.

These images are easy to make.  I just switched to manual focusing and then pulled the focus point in closer to the camera various amounts depending upon the degree of out-of-focus that I wanted.