Hanover Market with the X100F


It has been a while since I made pictures in the market on a Saturday morning.  The only difference with these images is that I used the X100F and published them just as the raw files were presented in Adobe color using LR.  I made no changes to the files except to reduce their size for publication here.  I didn’t change them to Classic Chrome, or any other film preset, nor did I use auto tone.  These are just the plain LR rendering of the raw files without my intervention.

I have mostly avoided this kind of photography on my blog since it is too close to what I do for my Homewood photography and I like to “play with the processing” and do something different for my other photography.  The continuous question, or indecision, is can I, or should I, try to go out and about Hanover and “record” what I see?  This hasn’t been what I have thought of as fun photography, but I did get started in photography by doing this for locations where I traveled; i.e. typical travel photography many years ago.

I used the Fujifilm X100F to make these images and no one seemed to mind.  In the past I was once confronted, or accosted, when I tried to make similar images with a DSLR.  One of the vendors stopped me, not in a polite way, and accused me of making commercial pictures and wanted to know who I was working for.