Too Cold, Too Windy


Considering that I don’t find much to photograph this time of year, I will most likely be posting less frequently; but it depends.  Like I have mentioned in other posts, I still hope to look for things and ways to photograph.  I hope to continue my daily efforts to keep practicing my photography and to work on some ideas for the future.

I am also putting my previous ideas about returning to the streets of Hanover on hold, at least until the weather improves a lot, and maybe indefinitely depending on some other ideas.  It got down to 7 degrees F. this morning which in itself isn’t too bad, but it is very windy.

Since the longer-range weather forecast is looking like we might have an extended period of colder and stormier weather than normal up until what might be a late spring, it could mean that I will have to postpone my thoughts about my outdoor photography and drag out my thoughts and experiments for another couple of months.



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