Stories with a Pocket Camera


I have been searching for a pocket camera for capturing images that can tell “the story.”  I did have the Olympus TG-5 and the Leica D-LUX 6 cameras that I carried and used for that purpose, but I always wanted something better, so I sold them a while back and purchased the Canon G7X II camera with a one-inch sensor which is larger than the sensors in my previous pocket cameras.

I like the Canon OK, but it has still been lacking something, not yet sure what that is.  It definitely has better image quality and I can mostly use it with one hand, but I would like a simpler camera.  I have used it the last few days under different conditions and have decided that it has promise if I can learn how to best use it.

I started out using it in program mode with the auto ISO set at 6400 while making only raw files.  I used those settings to make the above images early this morning when it was dark.  I took these through my window with the exposure cranked down to around -2 when the ground’s crew were arriving around 7am.

Since I made the above, I made some changes and shifted the camera to shutter mode and set the shutter speed to 1/60 sec. and set the maximum ISO to 3200.  I made these changes since the camera seems to love low shutter speeds around 1/20 sec., or slower, and since there is quite a bit of noise at ISO 6400.  I don’t mind an ISO of 6400 if I’m making B&W images but the images become a little too plasticky in color after removal of the noise.  I’ll work with these new settings in better light and continue my pursuit in using a little camera.