Pentax 18 – 135mm Lens

These images were made at the focal length extremes of the Pentax 18 – 135mm zoom lens.  I was checking it out as part of my reacquaintance with Pentax.  The first image was made at the 18mm end and the other was made at the other 135mm end.  In addition, the last one of the crows flying has been cropped severely and then increased in size to make this view.  Since the crows were so far away and I was shooting into the sun I didn’t even know they were in the picture when I took it.

Bottomline, I like this lens and I like the Pentax K-3 camera with the lens.  It makes a nice multipurpose setup for use outside and is one that I plan to toss around in my car and not worry about the camera and lens in any weather.  The only faults are the heavy weight and noise of the mirror flap, but since I don’t plan on holding it long or using it inside around people, I think I will be fine.  I will continue to use my Fujifilm gear for events, etc.