Color Goal

This isn’t a new picture.  It was an older color jpeg that I made with an X-Pro 2 camera with the 23mm lens in April 2017.  I have been working on finding a color process that I like for some of my future photography around Hanover.  The first image is one example where I started with the color jpeg and then made some other changes.

I’m still dithering between jpegs and raw files for my around town images.  If I base my style on jpeg files that will limit me to only using my Fujifilm cameras.  Since I also will probably desire to make some in monochrome and possibly use multiple cameras, I am using the above as an example and working on processing raw files to match it.

I still find it hard, if not impossible, to match Fujifilm raw files to the camera jpegs.  Using just the LR film simulations gets close but is not the same.  It is a lot easier to use monochrome and it gives me more latitude to feature sections of an image, etc.  The second B&W picture is the same image as the first but with a simple conversion to monochrome and brightened.

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