Current Gear Uses

For my Homewood photography and local publications, which are mostly photographed inside, I use my Fujifilm cameras and fast lenses to produce images in bright color.  To offset that style of shooting with my personal photography I have recently settled into primarily using three cameras with a variety of processing styles.  For now, while it is winter and often gloomy, I like to use a toned monochrome style that is on the “dark side”.  I’ll add more color work when the colorful flowers return in the spring.

I have been mostly using the Canon G7X Mk II, the Pentax K-3, and the Fujifilm X100F cameras for my personal fun.  The G7X Mk II and the X100F have fixed lenses and are small and light, but I have been using the K-3 with the 18-135mm lens more lately.  I am not sure how long I will be using all of these cameras.  I may purchase a longer zoom lens for the K-3 or I may shift back to using the Fujifilm cameras more for my personal work or I may acquire a macro lens before the flowers arrive.

I haven’t given up on reducing my gear while I experiment some more with what I have.  When, if, I find one camera that I think will cover all of my types of photography I may still switch to something else; but before that happens, I need to reduce the types of images I photograph and settle on fewer focal lengths.