Tried Another Lens

I tried a different lens with these images.  I used a Sigma 18-300mm lens at the 300mm focal length on the K-3 camera.  I don’t have flowers to photograph yet so I’m using whatever I find to check the lens for focusing, depth of field, ease of use etc.  So far, my biggest complaint is that the lens on the K-3 camera is on the heavy side for me and the lens diameter is larger than I can handle comfortably.

The lens could be sharper at 300mm but for flowers, etc. that is not as critical.  The main thing I needed to decide was whether or not I could handle the weight of the K-3 and the 18-300mm lens combined with my physical constraints.  Maybe worse than the weight is the diameter of the lens.  I have arthritis in my hands, especially my thumbs.  As a result of this I have limited useful range of motion with my thumbs and the diameter of the lens and the combined weight of the lens with the K-3 are too much.  I’m returning the lens.