Go Smaller as First Choice

I have decided to see how much I can photograph by using my existing smaller lenses and cameras for my personal photography by using my prime Fuji lenses rather than the larger heavier zoom lenses.  I have already been using my Fuji prime lenses for most of my Homewood photography in the last year so I may as well try it for everything.  By doing this I minimize the pain in my hands.

I used the 50mm lens on the X-T2 for the first image (one flower) and the X100F for the second one (two flowers).  I am most anxious to see how much I can do with the Fujifilm X100F camera since it is small, good, and lightweight.

But when I really need to go small, I can also use my Canon G7X Mk II pocket camera.  I used it for the third image.  All I need to do now is wait for warm weather and flowers, etc.; but I’ll never stop looking for another solution that I’d like better.  One lightweight small camera with a normal zoom lens that has good image quality; i.e. better than the G7X Mk II.

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