Trying a Leica X-Vario Camera

I’m trying another used camera as I search for a camera for my personal photography.  I have my Fujifilm cameras for my Homewood photography, which I like, and they are excellent, but there are a few things I want to do that I might prefer getting another camera or lens or both to do.  While searching for a solution, I decided to try a used Leica X-Vario camera which has some unique shortfalls and capabilities.

I’m fairly certain the camera will do close-ups like I want but I haven’t tried it yet since I need to buy a step-up ring.  In the meantime, I’m checking to see if I can use it for other more general photography.  All of the above images are tests, mostly of using it in difficult lighting conditions.  That is one of the cameras major shortfalls.  For most of the above images I used manual focusing, which is quite easy with this camera.  Some of the images made through my front window this morning were made with the lens manually set to infinity.

Yes, it also makes excellent color images.  The above were made from the DNG file and converted to B&W in LR.  I’m still trying various jpeg settings.  I need to take the camera outside in better conditions to continue some tests and decide whether and how I will use the camera.  Based on its small size and weight and simplicity and what I see so far, I like the camera and I’m hoping to adjust my photography to fit the camera.  The purpose of this post is to just let you know I’m trying it.  In addition, I have some other things to photograph for Homewood, etc. so I might miss a few days of posting.

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