Still Trying the X-Vario

The above was made from a standard B&W jpeg from the Leica X-Vario.  I have been, and will continue, looking at comparisons between the X-Vario and the Fujifilm images.

On the right is another way of processing the same image when working with the DNG file and up-sizing a crop.

Below is another trial outside in bright light.  I had to use an Olympus VF-2 EV in order to see what I was photographing.  The B&W is from the in-camera high contrast B&W jpeg.  The color is from the DNG file.


It will be next week before I can try macro images with a conversion lens.  So far, I like the in-camera B&W jpegs best, but the colors are also great.  The biggest problems in strong light are being able to see what I’m photographing well enough to use the manual focusing.  For the two sets above that I made this morning I had to use the auto focusing.

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