Leica Standard vs. Adobe Color

The first image is from the in-camera Leica color standard jpeg.  The second image is from the DNG file as processed in LR as the Adobe color.  You can see that the Leica jpegs are a little more muted than Adobe thinks most want.  The previous Adobe standard use to be closer to how Leica thinks they should look.  Adobe, believing that people now like a little more punch in their images, changed their profile when they did the last major upgrade to their profiles.

I am still trying to decide what jpeg style I will use in the X-Vario.  The X-Vario will not let you record only raw DNG files.  You can record only jpeg files, but if you want raw files you have to pick what jpeg style and size you want along with the DNG file.  This requires more space on the memory card as well as in your computer if you keep both the DNG and a jpeg file.

So far, I am mostly recording high quality jpeg files along with raw files, but some users recommend only recording small jpegs to keep the size down and then only keep and use the DNG files.  I haven’t decided between saving high quality color or B&W jpegs.  I like both, and prefer, the Leica color and B&W jpegs, but I haven’t decided which to keep in jpeg format.

If I were only recording what I prefer, it would probably be B&W jpegs, but my decision will be based on what works best for macro flower pictures.  What I choose will depend on whether I decide to make flower pictures from the DNG or a jpeg and which way it is easier; i.e. color or B&W from DNG or jpeg file.

But I haven’t decided to keep the Leica yet.  That decision will come down to ease and preference for using it vs. one of my Fujifilm cameras and another lens to make macro flower pictures.