Which Comes First


I like to make simple images similar to the above.  I like monochrome and simple images showing light and shadows.  These kinds of images don’t have to be made just from simple compositions, so I’ll show you some others in another post to show you what I mean.

Most of this winter I have been thinking about which comes first, the camera and lens or the subject and light?  Since I have problems with finding simple subjects, I have wasted a lot of time trying different cameras and lenses to see if I can decide the best combination to use while looking for subjects to photograph.  At this point I am coming to the conclusion that the camera and lens are less relevant.  I need to spend more time and effort going out and looking for compositions that best fit this style.

I would also like to make some books that contain this style of images.  My problem again comes down to which comes first, the image or the story?  Should I first find a story I want to tell with images and text or just go looking for and making images?  Both the story and the images are critical to a book, and I need both.  My feeling is that I need to go out more and look for both and see what ideas I can come up with.  I am also looking harder for ideas in more books, other publications, and web sites.