What Comes Next

190317-154719-19JEH-EditWhile continuing my thinking about photography, styles, subjects, etc., I had another thought.  My current preference (it changes with time) for simple monochrome images probably arose due to my lack of things to photograph.  During the winters I didn’t get out to find many things of interest to photograph, but since I still had a need to make images, I tended to make simple detail images of things around me in the house and then play with ways of processing them to make something different.  Since toned B&W images are different from what I do for Homewood publications and I was looking for variety, I tended to drift towards B&W.

The question that now needs answering is, do I continue with the simple monochrome details because I really prefer them, or do I drop it and switch to showing colorful scenes?  Also, do I go back to wider views of the landscapes and streets?  The answer is that I will probably continue to show colorful images while also continuing to make monochrome images, of details, etc., at least for a while.  The degree of what the ratio will be depends on what I see and feel like doing.

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