Personal Photography with the X100F?

I really like using the X100F with a wide-open aperture to reduce the DoF and soften the images a little.  Lately I have been trying other cameras and lenses and leaving the X100F in a drawer.  Today I decided I’m ready to go back to the X100F whenever I can make the focal length work for what I want to photograph.

In addition, I keep having thoughts of maximizing the use of my X100F and doing the majority of my personal photography with it.  I have also used it more and more often for my Homewood photography.  The thing that I have learned is that when I am out with only the X100F camera that I tend to only see things that I can photograph with an effective 35mm lens, and the more that I use only the X100F camera, the more that I think about doing all of my personal photography with it.  I might try only using it but having all of the other cameras sitting in my drawers seems like a waste.

The things I like best about the X100F are its simplicity, its ease of controllability, its image quality, and its size and weight.  The questions I keep coming back to are how close can I get and is it enough for my personal photography; i.e., can I give up long focal lengths and zoom lenses?  My love of small cameras and my arthritic hands tell me I better learn.