Experimenting with Leaves

Some of the trees have started sprouting leaves, flower buds, etc.  As soon as we get warmer weather, I expect to see a lot more.

Why am I photographing them?  I am doing it because of the challenge and the need to collect images to use for processing as I entertain myself.  I am also interested in determining if I can keep busy with my photography with just the wider focal lengths like the effective 35mm focal length of the X100F if that becomes necessary.

Yes, I’m also interested in how they work for B&W images.  One example of the same leaves in B&W is shown above.  I’m still interested in publishing a book of B&W images but I’m still searching for suitable subjects.  All of my work this year so far (other than my Homewood Photography) has been practicing as I tried to figure out what can be done with my current cameras and lenses and also trying to figure out what my preferred subjects and blog posts will be about going forward.  I still am not sure about what I will be photographing this summer.

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