April Fool, Smaller Goals

After my flirtation with heavier longer focal length zoom lenses (again), I am going to try to concentrate on using less and keeping things lightweight but with sufficient image quality.

I am also considering (again) about reducing the number of my cameras and using less gear.  I may sell (again) my Pentax gear and rely upon my WR Fujifilm X-T2 with WR prime lenses for bad weather.  I used the XR 50mm WR lens to make the above when it was raining lightly.  I may also (again) quit trying to use macro lenses and micro 4/3 gear to extend my photography into macro and longer focal lengths.  Maybe this approach will stick this time.

I just need to go out and find other things to photograph with focal lengths from 14 to 50mm, if I use my Fujifilm gear.  That is a challenge here at Homewood when I don’t photograph people’s faces!  I should do landscape photography off campus.

None of the above has “stuck” when I tried it before.  After I wrote it again, I started feeling like I’m fooling myself again.