Ever Vigilant

The being ever vigilant at least applies to Misty.  I made this picture of her “sleeping” and didn’t realize until I looked at the picture on my computer screen that her eye was open watching me.

My biggest problem isn’t which camera or lens to use.  My problem is that I don’t have a story to tell.  If I could figure out what I wanted to show with images, I would soon figure out the best gear to do it with.

I’m still vigilant and hopeful that I will find something, but the chances go down with each passing year.  I should go off campus.  Surely there is something out there.  There is no shortage of stories, but I have trouble matching one with a location that I can get to frequently along with one I am passionate about telling.

I would much rather tell a story in a photo book rather than keep thinking about cameras and lenses.  I would rather just use a small camera and make images that tell a story rather than use better Fujifilm gear to just make any old images.

In the past I have relied upon pictures triggering ideas for something to write about.  I am now trying to switch that process first thinking about things that I might wish to write about and then trying to find images that I could make to support a story.  I’m not sure if it will help.  It is like which comes first … the chicken or the egg, and if I don’t go somewhere different to find images it doesn’t make a difference.