Nickel’s Worth of Rationalizing


Lately I have been using my Fujifilm X100F camera with its fixed 23mm lens to photograph small things.  I’m doing that as I explore to see how much I can do with one small camera with one lens.  Since there isn’t a lot to photograph in a larger sense, I have been concentrating on the small things around me and even crop-zooming if necessary, to capture the details of things I see as I walk around the campus where I live.

The image above is the edge of a nickel that I made with the X100F.  I used it as a test to see what I could do.  Most of the nature images I have been displaying recently of the new growth, buds, etc. were made with the X100F.  As the weather warms up, I might expand the use of my X100F while I ramble around town, etc.

I am intrigued with the concept of using one camera and the 23mm lens for the majority of my personal photography.  I would like to keep life simple with a minimal amount of photography gear, especially when I’m out walking; but is the X100F the right camera?

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