Snapping Turtle and the K-3

It was raining lightly and all of sudden Misty started growling at the back door.  When I looked out to see what she saw I noticed this big old snapping turtle in the yard.  When I looked closely at her I thought she had a piece of metal stuck in front above her head, so I got the grabber to see if I could remove it without harming her, or me.  It turned out to be a piece of grass.  She was covered with junk from the pond bottom.

This is a good example of why I keep a Pentax K-3 DSLR with a zoom lens.  I can grab it quickly and take it out in any weather to make pictures like above.  I haven’t been taking it on my walks lately but I’m reconsidering that.  I hope that maybe if I get the right bag that I might be able to carry it in a manner that doesn’t bother my hands or back as long as I don’t go far.

The K3 is the camera that best fits my hand and once set up I never have to mess with the menu and I have never pressed a button accidently.  It is an ideal run and gun camera for documentaries, except for a few things.  It is built like a tank and is heavy and the shutter/mirror slap is loud, but I love it for outside when there are no people close-by and when I don’t have to carry it far or long.

PS, later it was pouring down the rain.  The following is a view through my front window of the street and driveway.  Reminded me of when I used the K-3 during last July’s flood.  It was after that when I started referring to my K-3 as my apocalypse camera.  I hope it doesn’t rain too hard or for too long since our culverts still haven’t been permanently repaired from the flood damage.


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  1. Lois Revi

    Interesting. She was probably looking for a place to lay her eggs ! great picture .