I have an apparently unresolvable conflict.  On the one hand I have flowers and Homewood activities to photograph in color that my resident viewers prefer.  Those images usually require my Fujifilm cameras.  On the other hand, I prefer to make simple monochrome images with smaller cameras like above.  My vocal local viewers don’t like B&W images.

In addition, I have fewer simple things to photograph so I am somewhat forced to continue making flower pictures for this blog of mine if I want to publish frequently.  I have tried, to make up-close or macro B&W images of flowers to post but my local vocal viewers really don’t appreciate them.

Since I haven’t been able to resolve these conflicts, I have tried to do both in recognition of the fact that some of my viewers like some and don’t like others.  The biggest issue with doing this is that it doesn’t make for a good blog design since a good blog is usually about one theme with one style of images.

The other disconnect is that my local viewers wish to see colorful images of things around where we live, but I can’t show the pictures of the events and activities due to privacy concerns.  I give those pictures to Homewood for use in their many publications, etc.  I have also made a few books of Homewood activities that can be seen in the library, etc.

After many days of thought I decided to not keep the Leica D-Lux 7 camera shown in the above image since I don’t think I would be able to make good use of it.  I’m feeling like my photography is running down due to lack of interest, ideas, things to photograph, divergent interests with my viewers, etc.

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