Trying to Examine


I’m trying some ideas to keep my photography going while using color but yet keep the image as simple as I can as I photograph buds, flowers, etc.  By simple I mean to try and keep the emphasis on the delicacy of an object, preferably designed by nature and not man.  I like to use the camera along with some processing techniques to show the intricacies of nature that many don’t or can’t take the time to look at closely.

For myself, the interest and fun are in using the Fujifilm X100F camera to capture the image and then taking the time using Lightroom software to process the image.  Lately I have been trying lots of cameras and lenses to see what appeals to me the most.  Doing that, I have found that the simplicity of just using the one smallish camera with the fixed 23mm prime lens presents enough of a challenge to keep me engaged.  The biggest problem I have is getting close enough to photograph the object without having a tilting LCD and without bending my back too much.

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