Walk with a Panasonic Lumix ZS100 Camera

I am trying another pocket camera, the Panasonic ZS100 which has a focal length zoom from 25 to 250mm (e).  The above were made when I had Misty out for her morning walk.  I don’t normally like to make and show images like these, but I am trying the camera to see how it does in different situations.  These were in-camera jpegs that I made some very minor tweaks on to match a style I like for such images.

I started using the camera to make both jpegs and raw files but after experimenting with them I found that using the jpegs works just fine, at least so far.  My reasons for getting this camera were to have a pocketable camera with reasonable image quality and a wide range of focal lengths for photographing whatever I happened to see while out walking.  The following picture is a picture of the camera as compared to a quarter, but I warn you, when using it at an effective focal length of 250mm the lens extends out quite a ways.


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