Looking Differently, But?

I’m still trying to figure out how, or if I want, to photograph around Hanover, PA.  I need some reasons or themes for how I can approach it.  While investigating ideas, I considered concentrating on views without vehicles and showing them in ways others might not have noticed or thought about.  The above are a few examples that I have cropped from earlier pictures.

Too often when driving through the Bourgh all we note and hear and see are the cars and trucks and the line of traffic due to traffic lights, construction, etc.  I’m thinking to rise above all of that and look around at the details of buildings, skylines, etc.; i.e. the things you see when you aren’t concentrating on driving.  When was the last time anyone walked around Hanover, PA?

My problem still is that there is a lot of visual clutter everywhere I look.  I prefer more minimalistic views and I don’t see them anywhere around town.  I could make images like above … even in the residential areas; but do I want to do that?  Do I like to make these images?

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