On the Street in the Rain

Another aspect to what I photograph is what camera and lens I use.  In my case, since I photograph for fun and was an engineer, it is very important to me whether I like to hold, carry, and use the camera.

It was raining lightly this morning when I grabbed my Pentax K-3 with the 18-135mm WR lens and went out to make these images.  I love my Pentax DSLR for outdoors photography since it fits my hand nicely, is very sturdy, and is weather resistant … even though it is an older camera and is heavy.  I even keep having thoughts about getting another lens or two for it and using it again as my primary outdoors camera, even though I own superior Fujifilm lenses and cameras that are also weather resistant.

While the above images are all in color (the jeep was black) I really like using the Pentax to make monochrome images and I have made other pictures on the streets of Hanover using a Pentax DSLR camera.  The problem is that people react to the larger camera.  Some have affronted me and thought I was working for someone and wanted to know why I was photographing their house, business, etc.  In reality the camera is a good landscape camera and not a street camera.  If I really want to use this camera and lens, I should photograph landscapes in the rain, mud, wind, etc.  A problem is resolution and sharpness and overall image quality with the 18-135mm lens (camera?).  The following are some pictures that I took later in the morning.  They have been tweaked a lot to get this style.

The bottom line, as always, comes down to image quality.  Do I keep my costs down and adjust my photography style to fit the capabilities of the camera and lens I have by using the K-3 and the 18-135mm lens, or do I use a better camera and lens?  I could do OK with the K-3 if I went to older looking images in high contrast B&W at no additional cost.  Or I could spend some money and replace them with a Fujifilm X-H1 and the Fuji 18-135mm lens.  That would give me a higher quality system and make good use of all of my other Fuji lenses, etc.  A compromise would be to just get the Fuji 18-135mm lens and use it on the X-T2 camera when there is a chance of rain, etc.  The trade-off there would be not having a good handgrip but having less weight.

But, the cheapest, highest image quality, lowest cost option would be for me to use my X-T2 and the WR Fuji prime lenses that I own.  The only downside of that is I have to zoom with my feet, and I need to pick a focal length (prime lens) before I go out since I don’t want to change lenses in the rain or blowing pollen, etc.

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