Morning Rain

It was a cool, 49 degrees F., rainy morning early.  Didn’t look promising for walking or making images.  What it did was make me wonder, what would be the best camera for use on a day like today?  Would I take the K-3 and the 18-135mm out if I went for a walk in the rain?  It would be nice if I had a smaller WR lens for it.  It is a shame the pancake 40mm lens isn’t WR.  I used to carry my TG-5 on days like this since it was small, fit in my pocket, and was waterproof … not just weather resistant.  The IQ of the K-3 and the 18-135mm lens is better than the small TG-5, but the TG-5 was better to carry in a pocket.

I did later put the K-3 in the car and drove some, and then walked around a bit when it was only sprinkling lightly.  The K-3 makes a nice car camera for days like this.