Minimal Carry

It is time for me to take a hard look at my cameras and lenses and concentrate on using the ones I like the most.  One thing I am doing, is looking back through lots of my earlier images and the gear I used with an intent of choosing and doing what I like best.

I have too many cameras and lenses that don’t get used weekly.  I’m considering various options to reduce the amount of gear I have and to possibly standardize around a few styles of images.  Part of my need for a change relates to a need for a challenge.  One way of doing that is to pick one camera and then see how much I can do with it.  If it is a small camera with a small sensor, that just enhances the challenge and increases the fun factor since I like being a contrarian and going smaller against the current trend of the newer full frame cameras.

The above images were made with an Olympus TG-5.  I used in camera jpegs and then processed them in LR.  At the moment I am working on a process that gives me the opportunity to publish in either a toned B&W or in a toned color.  While a lot of my local viewers prefer color, I am more interested in eventually making a monochrome book with some of my blog images, so I am trying to develop a style that works either way with just a flick of one setting in LR.

It looks like the TG-5 camera is the smallest pocketable camera that is adequate for me when I walk outdoors.  I use my Fujifilm cameras for my Homewood work, as well as most of my indoor personal work.  The remaining question for me is can I, do I dare, sell the other cameras that I use outdoors … the Pentax K-3, the Panasonic G7, and the Panasonic ZS100?  I might.  The only things I would really lose are the longer focal length capability and the lower light capability, but I would still have the Fujifilm 55-200mm and other lenses for those uses.  I might just return to only using my Fujifilm gear along with the TG-5.