Deer at Homewood at Plum Creek

I was walking last Thursday, and I jumped five deer at the northern end of the campus.  It has never been my intention to use the TG-5 camera for these kinds of images, but it was a good test as I explore the limitations of the camera.  I was walking down by Plum Creek and they were feeding in the trees along the creek.  I surprised them and they ran away from me but went out into the open and stopped so I took these pictures.  They weren’t very scared and as I turned around and left, they went back to feeding in among the trees and brush by the creek.

We have had a lot of wildlife here over the years.  We have had eagles, hawks, foxes, mink, deer, muskrats snapping turtles, lots of different ducks and herons, etc.  I no longer go out with a DSLR and long focal length lenses looking for them.