Today’s Colors in the Rain

My morning task was to see how the TG-5 camera performed in low light and how my current process worked for displaying colors.  My process is optimized for making B&W images that I like, and it tends to warm up and emphasize color saturations due to the contrast settings.  I liked the way it presented the images, but I really need some new scenes.  It was raining pretty good, it wasn’t very bright, and I was photographing through windows.

Later in the morning I took a walk to check on the creek water level.  It was still raining lightly, and I got wet, especially walking on the flooded paths.  With these pictures you can see a little better that the images are dark, and the colors are intense.  I like this for display on digital devices, but they don’t print as well.  I have the camera set to underexpose a little and the result shown is after LR’s auto tone shifts the exposure up.


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