Not Satisfied

I mostly only show two types of pictures on my blog.  Most of them are images that I make of things I see when walking and when I’m testing, or exploring, different cameras, different lenses, or different processes, or when I’m looking for ideas about what to photograph.

A few images are more like mini documentaries of happenings around Homewood at Plum Creek.  There aren’t many of them since I don’t show recognizable images of people and that is what I mostly make pictures of for Homewood publications.

In general, I’m not satisfied with the majority of the images that I publish on my blog.  There is only so much I can do with making pictures of flowers, etc., especially if I make images of bright colored flowers, etc.  I’m now running through ideas relative to changes in cameras, lenses, subjects, etc., and while I have several ideas everything is still swirling around in my head with no conclusions spilling out.  The missing ingredient is the fun factor.  I need to find it even if it is outside of the campus.

I have been documenting the culvert modifications and I’m documenting the Health Fair this morning at Homewood at Plum Creek.  After that work is done, I’ll get back to looking for something different for my blog.

PS, I liked this video and the way Fiona works.

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  1. paula graham

    I understand your frustration…Being original is very difficult now, everything has been done before, yet, you might be able to get your own touch onto something and make a difference…All I can say is: keep at it, you are a good photographer already and Yes, I like Fiona and her work very much. She gets to the essence of something and that is probably the crux of the matter…finding the essence. I struggle like you do too, and wish I knew the answer.