While Marcia is decluttering her closet of clothes that are no longer being worn, I am still evaluating which cameras and lenses I can dispose of, assuming I know what I am going to be photographing, so that I can sell the less needed ones.

Misty was lying in among the clothes on the bed and I had my TG-5 in my hand.  The only issue I really have with that camera is the real slow shutter speeds used in lower light.  In the above example, the shutter speed was only 1/5 sec., and Misty kept moving.  This is the best out of 4 or 5 images I attempted.  It is definitely a camera to be used with more light if the subject is moving.

My issue in eliminating cameras is that I use them all for different things so I am trying to reduce the overlaps and possibly see if there are things that I can just stop photographing.  I can certainly stop using the TG-5 inside but I can’t stop using it outside in the rain or when I want a large depth of field or when I only want to carry a pocket camera, so I will definitely keep this one.  Six more to evaluate and decide what goes as I simplify my photography.