I have been analyzing my photography and deciding to make some changes.  So far this year I have used my Fujifilm gear for around 78% of my pictures.  Since the bulk of my photography is for Homewood events and not for my blog, this means that I haven’t been using my Panasonic ZS100, G7, K-3, and TG-5 much.  As I go into summer this will change some, but not much since I purchased the Fujifilm 18-135mm weather resistant lens and I plan to use it rather than my K-3 and the Pentax 18-135mm lens for outdoors.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I will keep the TG-5.  Since the Pentax gear will overlap the Fujifilm gear, I sold the Pentax gear.  In addition, I sold the Panasonic ZS100 pocket camera and all of the Panasonic micro 4/3 gear since I hope to make some other changes in how I go forward with my personal photography.

I have been using mostly zoom lenses for my Homewood events photography lately and that has been working pretty well since I have been relying upon ISO values as high as 12500.  For the future of my personal photography I think I will be using the prime lenses more but also using my 18-135mm WR lens.  I haven’t decided on several aspects of the changes, but I have ordered a used Fuji X-H1 camera to determine if the hand grip offsets the additional weight.

One aspect of some of my personal photography involves using wide open apertures to make images similar to the above, but also will hopefully consist of a movement towards more long-term projects and utilization of other forms of output other than my blog.  Those changes plus a renewed emphasis and expansion of my Homewood photography might mean a reduced amount of blog posts and images.

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