iPhone Photography

I have been considering using an iPhone camera for a pocket carry camera.  I never liked the ergonomics of holding and using them and that is why my previous trials ended quickly.  I’m now experimenting more with my iPhone 6 to see if I can adapt and to see what I can do with it.  This morning I used it to take a picture of these leaves as I was walking Misty.  After I got home, I downloaded it to my computer and used LR to play with it.  While checking out the image I noticed this insect for the first time so I thought it would be a good example to check resolution, etc. after cropping and up-sizing the image.  Hmmm, looks like a tick to me.

The following are a couple more examples.  The first was at sunset last evening.  The other was a neighbor’s clematis made this morning.

The following two images were made from images I captured last evening inside.

So far, I like the capabilities of an iPhone and I’m thinking about upgrading to an iPhone X, but I’m still not comfortable with the ergonomics, but I’m learning.  If I spend that much money on a phone, I will need to use it for pictures a lot and I might just jump into concentrating on using it with other software for most of my personal photography.  Since smartphones are the only cameras I see being used among the residents, it will also let me learn more about iPhone photography and be of more help to them when it comes to processing and rescuing pictures.

I now need to decide whether it is worth the money to upgrade from my iPhone 6 to one of the iPhone X cameras for images.  Having more pixels, better in-camera processing, etc. would be nice, but do I need it?  Do I want to jump into the realm of being an iPhone photographer?

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